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Hull Folk and Maritime Festival

Hull Folk & Maritime Festival 2017

Rackaback Morris, Beverley Garland Dancers, Bourne Borderers, Buttercross Belles, Dukes Dandy Clog, Flash Company, Green Ginger Garland, Harthill Morris, Herring Gals, Kitchen Taps, Lizzy Dripping, Mortimer's Morris, Mucky Mountains Morris, North British Sword Dancers, Ravens Morris, Raving Maes, Rhubarb Tarts, Tatterfoals, Wharfedale Wayzgoose, White Rose Garland & Yorkshire Chandelier.

Hull Folk & Maritime Festival 2016

Hull Day of Dance 2016

Rackaback Morris, Acorn Morris, Beverley Garland, Bishops Morris, Clogaire, The Herring Gals, Makara Morris, Minster Strays, Raving Maes, Scarborough White Rose Garland & Whalfdale Wayzgoose.

Hull Folk Festival 2014

Rackaback Morris, Makara Morris, Tatterfoals, Raving Maes & Green Ginger Garland.

Hull Folk Festival 2013

Rackaback Morris, Raving Maes, Makara Morris & Thieving Magpie.